Monday, September 22, 2014

Gillian Flynn

Mind blown. Seriously. Gillian Flynn knows how to keep her readers on the edge. I recently read "Dark Places" and  "Gone Girl," which are full of unexpected surprises. If you enjoy reading a book where the plot has some crazy twists and you get deep into characters' psyche, then get on the bandwagon and read these popular books NOW!
Gone Girl- "There are two sides to every story...." This is the serious truth when it comes to this novel. Husband and wife go back and forth between chapters telling their side of the story. Deeply and madly in love, deeply and madly in hate, these two have some serious problems going on. When the wife (Amy) goes missing, is it the husband (Nick) who is responsible? Will her body ever get discovered? Will these two be torn apart from their infidelities and obsessions? This is a thriller you'll be thinking about for days.
Dark Places- "Home is where the lies are..." truly is a good line that summarizes this whole story. When a family is slaughtered, who is to blame? Is it the 15 year old son who is mischievous and is hanging around with a bad crowd? Is it the stepfather who wants money? As this story unravels, you won't believe who the culprit of this murder is.

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