Sunday, August 21, 2011

Melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies

When I say melt-in-your-mouth, I mean it! I tried these cookies out last night and not only were they airy and crisp, but they melt in your mouth! Sugar cookies aren't my favorite, but these are an exception!!

Angel Sugar Cookies
Taken from Pioneer Woman

2 large eggs
1 C canola oil
2 sticks butter, softened
1 C sugar, plus extra
1 C powdered sugar
1 t vanilla
4 C flour
1 t salt
1 t baking soda
1 t cream of tarter

In a large mixing bowl, cream together eggs, oil, butter, sugars and vanilla. Add remaining ingredients. Mix well. Refrigerate for one hour. Preheat oven to 350. Using a spoon or cookie scoop, drop dough onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Smear a dab of butter on the bottom of a glass and dip it in the extra sugar. Flatten the balls of dough using the glass, redipping in the sugar each time. Bake 11-13 minutes, until the cookies just begin turning golden around the edges. Cool on a wire rack.

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