Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eggs with Soldiers

Ready for breakfast simplicity with little to no mess? Try this soft-boiled egg recipe. I found it browsing pinterest! I don't usually like a lot of the recipes found on there, but this one reminds me of my childhood. My dad thrived on soft-boiled eggs with toast. "Eggs with Soldiers" is just a fancy name I've never heard of.

Here are a bunch of egg recipe ideas...I may try a good handful of these! We love eggs!

Get your favorite brand of eggs and toast, boil some water and you are set!

We use Eggland's Best and Arnold's Oat Nut bread.

So if you need a step-by-step, here you go:

Boiling water

Add 4-5 eggs to boiling water for 5 minutes. Toast and butter your favorite bread. Use butter knife to crack open the top of your egg and use a spoon to carve the goodies out. The yolk will pretty much spill out. Enjoy!

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