Sunday, May 20, 2012

Smoky Grilled Salmon

The best thing about salmon is that it is so versatile! In addition to its versatility, it is quick and easy. Salmon is about the only thing that you can't mess up! I stink at making fish too...unless it is salmon or shrimp. I've made grouper before and that was a nightmare. I just need to practice more before I go posting about grouper on here!

Anyhow, I recently bumped into a decent food blog called Skinny Taste. I absolutely love the pictures on this website. Everything looks so appetizing. I came across a smoky salmon recipe and I did enjoy it a lot. I was a bit hesitant because you actually put cocoa powder on it! Never heard putting chocolate on fish....Hmmmm?? I think you will be surprised. Check out this pretty thing below:

Like what you see? Here is the recipe! The black bean cilantro corn is on the link too! Enjoy! 

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