Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deviled Eggs

When I think back to family picnics and BBQ's, I think about how often my mom or dad made deviled eggs. I feel like everyone likes their deviled eggs to have a certain flavor, consistency and crunch. Well, at least I do. My recipe is pretty much made up according to my tastes...and of course, Eric's...who happens to love them!

Stephanie's Deviled Eggs:

Dozen eggs
1/2 C-3/4 C real mayo
1 T mustard
1/2 pickle diced
1/4 C + pickle juice
salt and pepper, according to taste

Boil eggs for 20 minutes. Prepare a bowl of ice water for easy peeling. When boiling is complete, spoon the eggs into the ice water and let stand for 10 minutes.

 Peel and rinse. Cut eggs horizontally in half. Carefully remove the yolk from the center and place into a mixing bowl leaving the egg whites on a separate plate.Clean your whites by rinsing them under water and leaving them on a paper towel to dry. 

 When all egg yolks have been removed, mix in the mayo, mustard, and pickle juice. Mash until you reach your desired consistency. Add in the diced pickles, salt, and pepper. Spoon egg yolk mix into each egg white. Refrigerate. 

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