Friday, March 14, 2014

Treat Yo' Self!

tossed in buffalo sauce

plain tenders served with honey mustard, BBQ or other dipping sauce
We all have a cheat day. Whether it is once a week (guilty as charged), once a month, or once a year (you crazy soul), I think it is safe to say we all splurge a little. Well, here's one of our splurges. It comes with chicken and a deep fryer. This is maybe a once in a couple months type of splurge. It is surely worth it. And hey, while you have that deep fryer heated, make yourself some deep fried twinkies!
2 C flour
1 1/2 T seasoning salt
chicken tenders
1. Put 2 C flour in a bowl and add seasoning salt.
2. Soak chicken in buttermilk for 20 minutes.
3. Mix a few drops of buttermilk into the flour and form a few crumbles (this makes the fried chicken crispy)
4. Dip chicken into flour mixture.
5. Deep fry the chicken ~4-6 minutes at 350 degrees.
**I love mine tossed in buffalo wing sauce :) 

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