Saturday, October 7, 2017

Chicken Congee in the Instant Pot

This is seriously so comforting and flavorful. If you haven't had congee before, you must try this! Great for kids and adults!!

3/4 C Jasmine rice
6.5 to 7 C cold water
5 to 6 chicken drumsticks
1 T sliced ginger (I didn't have any on hand, and it was fine without)
Green onion for garnish
salt, to taste

1. Rinse your rice under cold water by gently scrubbing it with your fingertips in a circling motion. Pour out the milk water and rinse until the water is clear. Drain well.
2. Add ginger, drumsticks, and water into the pot with the rice. Do not add salt. If you want more congee, instead of 3/4 C, add 1 C rice and 9- 9 3/4 C of water)
3. Close the lid and cook on high pressure for 30 minutes and allow for a natural release.
4. Open the lid. It will look watery. Heat up the pot on saute and stir until desired thickness.
5. Use tongs to separate chicken from the bone. Remove bones and skin.  Remove congee from heat and top with green onion and salt to taste in individual serving bowls. This can be frozen and tastes great when thawed!

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